All the way back from when the youtube logo was an old TV i has been on the site. And since then many more people has joined the site to share their hobbies! I got to interview three of the many content creators on the platform! I asked them five questions about their time on youtube!

One of the people i got to interview was Lizzie the owner of the Channel LDShadowLady. She is a youtuber based in the UK. She mostly makes gaming videos and currently has 5 million subscribers. I asked her why she started her channel and this was her answer:

“I started my YouTube channel to make friends, I played call of duty at the time but I also solo-queued. I can across a group of girls on YouTube in a ’clan’* that always played together and it seems fun so I made my own channel in hopes of joining in on the fun!” 

*Clan is basically a group of people

Her first video was uploaded 9 years ago on the 31 of December 2010. She started with Call Of Duty game play but changed it to minecraft and it was then her channel blew up. In the beginning of making a youtube channel it can be a bit hard, that is why i asked her what kind of advice she would give people who are just starting.

”One piece of advice I always give is to find something you enjoy doing on YouTube, it’s easy to get involved in the community of a game or a hobby if you genuinely enjoy it. It’s important to immerse yourself into the community so you can understand what people want to watch and why so you can provide people with content they’ll appreciate.”

Dollightful or Katherine is a youtuber with 1,49 million subscribers. Her channel is based on customising dolls. She started her channel 4 years ago on the 26 of January 2016. Her channel started to blow up when she customised dolls to look like the Eeveelutions in pokémon. A big part of being a youtuber is the community. Sometimes people can be a bit hard on the creators, but i asked Katherine what she thinks about it.

”The Youtube community is like an illustration for the entire internet. It’s got no filter, and says the truth. As an artistic channel, what this means for me is that I receive a healthy dose of unfiltered critique. If a character I design sucks, people let me know pretty quick. They also tell me what they like in a design, and I learn so much from their suggestions and ideas. It feels like having a room full of fellow artists and friends to conference with. It makes me want to be a better artist, and keeps me inspired.”

A question i always thinks is interesting to ask youtubers is what they want to achieve in their youtube career since there is so many types of content and everyone of course thinks differently.

”To be honest, I couldn’t tell you. It’s already sailed far past any expectations I had for my quaint little doll-customizing hobby channel. From now on, I just hope to continue entertaining folks and creating great characters and dolls. I’m going to keep pushing myself, and hopefully that will lead to more opportunities.” – Katherine answers

And for the last person i interviewed gave me a bit shorter answers than the other two so i am going to give him his own part. But for this part i am really happy i got to do this and i am thankful for that they took time of their day to answer me and all my questions!