This is my second part to the youtube interview. In this part i will share with you my interview i had with the youtuber JojoSpotlight.

JojoSpotlight or Jonathan owns a commentary channel where he uploads videos with his opinion on different thing, like a youtube video or if someone has done anything extremely stupid. His channel has at the moment around 265 thousand subscribers. His first video was uploaded on the 4 of February 2014.

Why did you start a Youtube channel?

”I started my channel in the beginning for a art project.”

Since his channel is a bit more to the comedy side of youtube and more trolly i asked him what advice he would give people who wanted to start a own youtube channel.

”Tips: Just do everything i don’t do and that’ll lead to great fame =]”

And with a youtube channel comes a community. It is not always sunshine and rainbows so i wanted to know what he thinks about it.

”The youtube community kinda stupid to be honest but it’s okay i love the interactions between viewers.”

Some youtubers wanna make a career of youtube and some doesn’t and just wanna have it as a hobby. So i asked Jonathan what he wanted to achieve with his channel.

”Achieve… Not really sure i mean it’s just a hobby. But if i can start something new and different then youtube gives me that opportunity.”

I know that when you start a channel it can be a bit embarrassing for some and you don’t really wanna tell anyone about it. It is not like that for everyone so i asked if Jonathan if he was embarrassed when he first started.

”I wasn’t really embarrassed. But i was expelled twice for having a channel =[”

And as the last question of the interview i wanted to looking back at his channel if he would do anything different.

”I would have not made horrible clickbait content and made something that could grow an audience.”

And that was my interview with JojoSpotlight. I am really thankful for getting an opportunity to interview him. I am really thankful that he took some time of his day to answer all my questions!